SP Executive Coaching

SP Executive Coaching, led by David Russell, is working to enable greater access to Systems Psychodynamic Executive Coaching, an in-depth approach to coaching leaders to help them maximise their performance at work.

David trained at The Tavistock Clinic and is accredited as a Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He works with leaders across all sectors, with a specific focus on the UK social sector.

SP Executive Coaching helps leaders at points of transition in their career to reflect on and consider their next move, whether that is to realise an ambition for a promotion or to switch jobs.

“David was great in giving me space to talk through different scenarios and create a plan helping me to secure a more senior managerial role.” (Manager, Global Business)

SP Executive Coaching helps leaders to address issues at work from developing plans for growing their organisation to managing staff more effectively.

“I loved the opportunity of being coached by David which enabled me to take a step back and to determine how to develop my leadership and strengthen our organisation.” (CEO, UK Charity)

SP Executive Coaching is led by David Russell, Founder and Director of The Social Enterprise. David trained at the Tavistock Clinic, and is accredited to Senior Practitioner level with the EMCC. He coaches leaders from national and international charities, social enterprises, business and the NHS. David has set-up charities, businesses and a social enterprise, and serves as a consultant to international organisations and chair of two international charities.

Systems Psychodynamic Executive Coaching helps you improve at work and become more effective in your current professional role.

The psychodynamic approach to coaching aims to understand the inner world of you, the person, in order to help you to get a much better understanding of your role within your organisation i.e. the system in which you are working.

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