Just a selection of testimonials….


“David is a highly supportive and effective coach. He provided space and support for reflection and growth whilst giving a sense of progress throughout the sessions as a whole.  He is a sensitive and perceptive coach with an ability to support you to get to the heart of the issues you are facing.”
Ivo Gormley, Chief Executive, GoodGym

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“David is thought-provoking, trustworthy and insightful. As a result of his coaching I’m far more aware of what makes me fulfilled and I am now ensuring my work and life decisions reflect that. I have increased confidence and awareness of my leadership skills and the type of environment I operate best in. I have also been more planned/goal orientated about the next steps in my career and have implemented the actions needed to get where to where I want to be.”
Jenny Hoyle, Head of Delivery, West London Zone

Mary Ward Logo“David has been a very effective coach to me and he was always extremely supportive.  His sessions were relaxed yet purposeful.  He provided me with the space I needed to reflect on my issues and his supportive and open manner enabled me to really get under the skin of my issues – helping me to see for myself where I wanted to go and what I needed to do to get there.  In particular, he really helped me to articulate my vision for the next five years both professionally and personally.”
Sue Craggs, Head of Adult & Community Education, Mary Ward Centre

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“My sessions with David have been very insightful. He is supportive but at the same time challenging and thought-provoking. The balance is excellent and he has helped me think through issues, work out where my priorities lie and identify key challenges which have been hidden within complex situations. This has helped me understand what is important in the immediate future, understand what really excites me professionally and why, and identify pathways to achieve that.”
Paul, Engineering Manager, Automotive Company

“Through David’s coaching I have undergone a journey of self-discovery. Where once I may have seen obstacles, with David’s guidance and insight I now see these as opportunities. He has recently supported me through a difficult process of restructuring in my organisation; in this time, he has given me space to formulate my thoughts, and has always asked me questions that get to the heart of the issue. I can confidently say that I am now in a position – both personally and professionally – where I am excited about my future development. In a world of that is full of uncertainty at this moment, David’s coaching has come at just the right time, filling me with aspiration, hope and positivity.”
Jonathan McKee, Education Team, The Anne Frank Trust UK