Coaching is a one-on-one conversation between your coach, and focused on your needs, with the objective of supporting you to become more self-aware, and, through this, to become more effective at work. The coaching is entirely confidential, so you can feel safe and secure to discuss any issues.

SP Executive Coaching specialises in Systems Psychodynamic Coaching.

The psychodynamic approach aims to understand your personal inner world, and in so doing to ensure a better understanding of your role within your organisation, which is the system in which you are working. The aim is ultimately to help you to improve your performance, to become as effective and successful as possible in the context of your professional role and organisational goals.


Systemic ideas allow us to locate your organisation in its context and to understand the interplay between the parts of the whole.


Psychoanalytic ideas help us to understand the significance of the unconscious on your behaviour, creativity and development.

Executive Coaching

Coaching enables us to help you to look internally at the unconscious processes and externally at the context which impacts your work.

Let’s explore coaching.