Often it is helpful to have a preliminary chemistry meeting (and to include your line manager, if your organisation is sponsoring the coaching) to ensure that all parties are aware of what is involved, comfortable about the prospect of working together and to set out the aims and articulate the goals for the coaching ahead.

Ordinarily the coaching process involves a preliminary longer session (2 hours), and then between 3 to 7 regular sessions (of 90 minutes), at a mutually agreed venue, likely either Finchley or Blackfriars (ideally away from your workplace, to give you the space to think more freely), or at a remote meeting space (such as Zoom or Teams). Though this can be tailored to the requirements of the client – as can the number, frequency, location and content of the work for subsequent sessions – which ordinarily will be agreed by the conclusion of the initial session.

There is no set fee for the coaching, as we want to ensure that it can be affordable and accessible to all, so we will discuss and set a fee dependent on the number of sessions planned. But for a guide, fees are approximately:

Social Sector Client (paying individually): £75 per hour
Social Sector Client (paid for by their organisation): £125 per hour
Private Sector Client (paying individually): £175 per hour
Private Sector Client (paid for by their organisation): £250 per hour

However, we are keen to ensure that fees are not a deterrent to access the coaching so if these rates are high for you, or your organisation, then please do let us know and we can then discuss whether there may be the possibility of discounting them.

Further to a collaborative review of the progress made at the end of our initial engagement, there is the possibility to extend the coaching contract to enable additional sessions. This review may also include the sponsoring organisation if they are funding the work.